Lithophane Light Box

I came up with this project idea while planning out Christmas gifts for my friends and family. I needed something unique and customizable that I could easily make multiple of. When I came across lithophanes on Google images, I knew they would make perfect gifts.

Here’s The Video:

Make Your Own Lithophanes! –

Thingiverse File:

Github Code:

This project is has an instructable:

Cost Breakdown:

WS2812b LEDs ~ $1 for 6 LEDs
Arduino Nano ~ $5
PLA ~ $0.50 for 25 g
Mini USB Cable ~ $1.50
Plus about $0.10 of solder and wire

This brings the total project cost to about $8, which made this project even better for mass production. If you’re looking for a cheap gift idea then this is perfect.

Time Breakdown:

I was able to make multiple boxes in less than a day. Each lithophane took about three hours to print and each box took an hour and a half for a total print time of 4 and a half hours.

Once the parts were printed it took between 15 and 25 minutes to cut, strip, and solder the wires for the circuit to work and then glue the lithophane to the box.

In total each box took less than five hours

Used in this project:

Arduino Nano –

WS2812b LED Strip –

3D Printer –


Soldering Iron –

Solder –

Wire –

Wire stripper –

Hot Glue Gun –

Hot Glue –

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